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The Best Attic Ladder Lift for Werner Ladders

The Attic Ladder Lift was conceived to alleviate the dangerous and hazardous motion of lifting any object up an attic ladder and into in the attic. Not only does the unit lift any object into the attic, it also safely lowers objects of substantial or awkward shape down the attic as well. 

​The ease of use with the Attic Ladder Lift is effortless. The Attic Ladder Lift is controlled with a wireless remote away from the pedestal and ladder which make it one of kind in the attic lift mechanism industry.

Have you ever tried lifting a heavy box up an attic ladder for safe keeping?

We know it is very dangerous and even life threatening. The creation of the Attic Ladder Lift is hands-free when lifting or lowering.

Once the sled is up in the attic, the proprietary docking station docs the sled securely and safely well above your attic opening. Having it docked above the attic opening is because when you get up in the attic, you won't have to extremely bend over to pick up the object on the pedestal. The docking station prevents backaches and even spraining your back and injuring yourself.

After the sled and your object on the sled is docked, you can safely climb up your attic ladder with with no fear of falling while carrying an object with the other arm. After you have climbed completely into your attic, your object that you hoisted up with the attic ladder lift is safely waiting for you up in your attic. Release the safety harness around your object and you are free to carry your object anywhere in your attic and store in safely.

After you have store your object safely in your attic, you can lower the attic ladder sled down to load another object of your choosing.

If you are lowering an object from the attic, do every in reserve.

First, secure object on pedestal and lower with remote until it is completely at the bottom of the attic ladder then climb your way down.

What is also great about the Attic Ladder Lift is that it smoothly slides up and down the rungs of your attic ladder with gravity centering the sled naturally.​

The effortless lifting and lowering of the sled will make your life easier and most of all SAFER when getting things to and from your attic! ​

attic ladder lift with no bin
attic ladder lift with no bin on sled werner

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