Versa Lift Attic

Price Range: $1,997 - $3,447

Every home owner has a dream of having a clutter free home and a garage that is well organized. This is a simple task in theory but when the time comes to put it to practice, it is a different matter. An attic ladder always stands between our dream and that tidy freedom. Using a ladder is extremely challenging and hazardous if you are lifting something at the same time. A lot of people have had to seek treatment for injuries caused as they tried to lift boxes up to the attic. It is not that they were using ladders that are substandard. The reason is that ladders were just not made for that kind of a job.

When you need to do lifting and moving of stuff up the attic at home, use A Versa lift. It is purposely designed for this kind of a job. When compared to scaling a narrow ladder with a bulky box, a versa attic lift is a gift. When you consider that each year there are 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries coming from use of attic ladders. The attic lift is something that you will want to think about always when strong stuff in the attic.

versa lift in action

The attic lift enables you to lift your stuff safely in a non hazard way that is both neat and convenient. The attic lift system can easily be fitted in to any home or business. It is a powerful platform that holds up to 200 or 250 pounds of storage items. It will remain concealed in the attic until such a time that you will need it. It is controlled electronically. Using a button, you can safely bring it down and it will stop automatically when it touches the ground.

To load items to the platform, simply place them in its holding space. When you are done, press the lift button and they will be lifted up to the attic. The versa lift stops flush with the floor when lowered to ground. That allows one to easily load it with stuff by just sliding them along the floor on to the decked space of the attic lift system.

The system's self-closing ceiling door will keep the system safely hidden from view. This affords you the tidy and smart view that we all desire to see in a new year. The system is so easy to install that 75% of customers opt to do a self installation. Of course it is easier to have experts do it for you. This way they bring in their expertise and experience to ensure that you get the best for your house. There is always that smart and excellent finish of any job that is done by a well seasoned workman.

The versa lift has found many uses in the houses of residents; businesses warehouse and file rooms and rock star motorcade storage facilities. It can safely be used to move items from a downstairs garage to an upstairs kitchen. Attorneys can use it to store documents in an elevated position to maximize on the available space. Manufacturers use it to lift and store spare parts in the space that would otherwise be unused in the front shop or back office attic.

None of those who have bought the versa lift attic system arte sorry about. In fact most wish they had made this investment a long time ago. It saves them time and the hassle of using ladders to find what you want in a dusty environment. It gives them the convenience of safely lowering their stuff and proceeding to safely get what they wanted. All this is done at the press of a button, to lower the attic system or to lift it back.

The system is safe to use for both men and women. It does not need any muscle power. Once you have it installed, the electric powered attic lift system does the entire job for you. You only need to raise your finger. The system is also easy to uninstall in case you are moving out and can still be used in the new office or home. This system needs minimal maintenance and there are no regulations to worry about.

It also pays back in terms of the risks you avoid that would have cost you money and you well being. Once you have it, you realize that you should have invested in it a long time ago.


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