The Stowaway Attic Lift 500

The Stowaway Attic Lift 500 is a contraption made to make opening your attic, going in and out of your attic, as well as transporting items in and out of your attic easy. It's not the first lift of its kind by any stretch, but it comes with some great, innovative features not seen in other products of its type, which is what makes it so exciting. I personally believe any homeowner with an attic should own one of these as soon as possible, and here's why.

It's Quick To Open

For the fit, energetic and agile, your standard lift can often just seem like more of a time waster than anything - because it is. Waiting over a minute to get into the attic can, for some people, be more of an inconvenience than anything. This particular lift; however, will have you go from turning on and opening the lift to standing in your attic in under a minute. For me, this is the most important aspect in any good product of this type. I have yet to find a lift as quick and efficient as this one. If it's speed you're after, look no further; this is one of the best lifts in the business in this regard.

It Flashes

This is one of those features like TVs in the back of a minivan - it's far from necessary, nor will it be your main selling point, but it acts as a nice added bonus. Any good lift operates quietly. The downside to this; however, is the ability to smack into it in the middle of the night while someone else is about to use it. The flashing lights make it quite obvious that it's about to be in use. You don't have to worry about this being an obstacle when your house is dark at night.

It Comes With A Keypad With A Security Code

Other doors have locks, so why shouldn't your attic? To many attic lift systems are operable by anyone who knows how to simply push a few buttons, making it potentially unsafe for children who may find it fun to ride. Or perhaps you keep your valuables in the attic; all the more reason to keep it locked up. The Stowaway Attic Lift 500 comes with a keypad which leaves it useless to anyone who doesn't know the security code, keeping anyone you don't want in the attic out of the attic. This was actually one of the bigger selling points for me, as your typical attic lift system leaves your attic accessible to everyone, giving you no say in the matter. Most lifts don't have this feature, making this one stand out above the rest.

It's Easy To Install

The lift system comes with free installation, so the time it takes to set it up really doesn't matter - not to me at least. What I liked about the setup of the lift was that it didn't require me to modify my home in any way whatsoever. As long as you have a traditional attic door (as I'm sure you do), setup is easy and requires no actual home construction of any sort. This is great for homeowners, but even better for renters who would rather not create issues with their landlord or have to sit around waiting for permission to install their new lift. This is one of my favorite parts about this product as many others don't come with this feature for whatever reason (although they should).

It's Stable

Call me a worry wart, but when a lift wobbles and shakes, I get put on edge. This one doesn't wobble at all - it feels like you're going up one story on a slow elevator. For this reason, I don't get nervous going up into my attic. In terms of stability, this product is easily within the top 3 products of its kind.

It Takes Up Little Space

If the attic roof directly above your attic door is 5 feet or higher, you'll have enough space to set this thing up without issue. As far as the space from the door to your hallway floor goes, it really doesn't matter. To put it simply, if you can stand up in your attic, you probably have more than enough to room to install this lift. If you can't stand up in your attic, you still probably have enough room to set it up. Just to be safe; however, I would highly recommend taking measurements beforehand. In terms of spacial requirements, this lift is better than average.

It Has Lots Of Safety Features

I already mentioned that it doesn't wobble, but I don't know if that alone counts as a safety feature - although it may be a byproduct of other safety features built into the product. It actually has twelve of these safety features built in. It has an emergency stop button as well as backup power so as to not leave you stranded in a dangerous or less-than-pleasant situation. When only looking at safety features, this lift is, without question, the best in the business.

You Can Move Up To 500 Pounds

The title says it all. There's nothing you'll need lifted into your attic that this product can't lift. 500 pounds is more than enough to get any job done. While this is pretty average among most products of its type (with the exception of those made to only lift people), it's enough to get the job done.

It's Cost-Friendly

I think we can all agree this plays a role in whether or not we purchase any product. Through a decent cost relative to its overall quality (and you're getting a lot of quality) as well as free, professional installation upon your purchase, you really cant go wrong with this product in the cost department. I'm not going to lie and say you wouldn't be better off financially by buying a cheap old ladder but, for those looking for a lift for their attic, the Stowaway Attic Lift 500 arguably has the best quality-to-price ratio, making it a great bargain.


After everything considered, I have no choice but to give this product a solid five out of five. It has features that many other lifts don't, while not skimping out on features common in other lifts. It's got everything you could want for a fair price. What more could you ask for?


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