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Nothing can be worse that moving up and down your home stairs again and again and that too with your hands full of stuff. Using a clumsy folding attic stairs or a standalone ladder is not the solution either as this can prove to be quite dangerous for the person using it.

When it comes to storing stuff above the ceiling in the attic area a SpaceLift which is an attic lift system can prove to be quite useful and a delight to use as well. It helps to move stuff up and down from the attic in a motorized manner ensuring that all the space available in it is used to the maximum.

space lift with bins loaded

How does a SpaceLift work?

From the ceiling, a rectangle-shaped frame is cut out which is in most cases right next to the attic entrance. The SpaceLift cargo is then installed right into the opening and its deck covers the open space just like an access panel in the attic. The cargo tray then gets raised and lowered by a lifting mechanism which is secured to the joists of the attic with the help of strong steel cables at all 4 corners.

Benefits of Having One

Looking forward to owning one of these SpaceLifts? Most of us love to store and stuff things up in the attic. Few really care about how to move things around when you want to take some stuff out from the attic. And since your attic is small, it can be a really tedious work to move things around easily.

Using a SpaceLift can really help you to save time and get work done quicker. If you thought your attic is just to store things and never really worried about how to move around things in the attic, you will need a SpaceLift. These attic lift systems can work wonders. Let us look at some of the benefits that an attic lift system has to offer:

Smart Wall-Mount Control – The microprocessor control unit has a simple display which studies the travel position and weight of the load and also comes with adjustment modes. Any kind of unwanted operation is prevented by a key lock feature.

Increases the home value – A precious amenity such as an attic elevator will help increase your home value ten-fold and that too without much effort or investment.

Say goodbye to rental units – You can now eliminate the need to hire offsite rental units which can prove to be quite expensive and troublesome with such a lift system at your disposal. Unused basement, loft and attic space can be easily used to store stuff whenever you need to.

Restricted lifting capacity – A maximum lifting capacity of 100 pounds per loading ensures that the user can easily load and unload stuff without overdoing it. Moreover, the platform tray is big enough to carry all sorts of household and storage items.

Let your back relax – The automatic attic lift takes care of all your storing needs and let your back relax. Without this lift, the back-wrenching chore of carrying stuff to the basement or attic on foot or ladders would leave you completely exhausted.

Reliable and superior in quality - Attic lift systems are extremely reliable and being quite superior in quality offer the highest performances to its users. It carries a 2-years service and parts warranty.

Load Sensors – The load sensors detect excessive weight loads and automatically stop the load operation on doing so.

Mechanism of stow lock – The lift platform is secured tightly, locked and stabilized by the locking tabs when fully stowed and loading and unloading takes places.

How long does installation take?

Two people who are skilled in electrical wiring and carpentry are required for assembling the components and installing of the Space Lift ladder if the framed opening is ready and the attic floor is finished. They would take around 2 to 3 hours to complete the entire installation job of the SpaceLift. A Guide and Installation Manual are also included with the product to provide the user with complete specifications.

Why does the attic floor need to be finished beforehand?

The top or the attic floor must be finished and levelled before the attic lift is installed for loading and unloading purposes. It is best to use plywood material which is ½ to ¾-inch thick in size.

How safe is the SpaceLift system?

The Spacelift system is protected by a key lock on its remote control in order to avoid any kind of tampering. The platform has an obstacle detector installed in it which automatically stops all movement as soon as anything comes in contact with the platform when it’s on its way up or down.

The capacity of the cargo lift is 100 lb. and if it attempts to operate beyond its capacity when loaded, the weight limit switch immediately prevents it from doing so. Moreover, the platform of the lift is securely held by 4 locking pins loaded with spring when not in use.

However, it is important to know that all the heavy objects should be placed in the middle of the platform in order to ensure that they do not drop when the platform is being raised or lowered down. Keeping them on either side can cause an imbalance and result in the object getting dropped on the floor.

Also, if there are a lot of items being transported, always place the heaviest items at the bottom followed by the lighter ones on top. The lift should be stable before the operation begins and not swaying at all.


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