Aladdin Storage Lift

Price: $1,750

If you have to store up stuff in your attic, you would know just how difficult the job can be. There are a lot many things to consider and while you may love to stow away items in the attic as you want, it can be a problem later on. You would need to spend hours to actually get the thing you need from the attic. What if there was an easier way out of this problem? What if you could safely lift all the storage items you have to your attic and even bring them down to floor level without breaking a sweat?

It's quite possible with the Aladdin Light Lift Storage system. This attic lift can do everything you wanted from attic lift systems.

Aladdin Light Lift was founded way back in 1991 in Memphis, TN. It soon gained immense popularity as it simplified the needs of the people when it came to cleaning and changing bulbs of home or office fixtures while also taking care of all storage-related issues in a person’s residential or commercial property.

aladdin storage lift in action

Aladdin Storage Lift System

This system is a motorized one which quite safely and easily lifts all the items that needs to be stored up in the attic or lowered down into the basement. Pushing heavy and huge items up and down a stairway or carrying them in your hands can sure prove to be a strenuous, difficult and time consuming job, let alone the hazards associated with it! Just imagine what would happen if your loved ones trip and fall down the stairs when carrying all those heavy items in their hands.

Using this storage system helps to turn a troublesome and tiring job into an easy and economical one taking care of all your storage needs in a jiffy. You can now use all that time saved to do other meaningful jobs.

How Can You Use It?

Benefits for material handling such as a freight elevator or a platform lift are easily provided by the system which allows the user to quickly move items from one floor to another. Alternately, you can use it to store items in the storage bin on a temporary basis till you decide where exactly do you wish to store them permanently. If you wish to access the lift personally, you will require a separate stairway for the same.


1. Saves floor space – One of its major benefits is that it helps save a lot of floor space. You can store up to 20 times more product per square foot as compared to traditional shelving allowing floor space to be used for more value added uses.

2. Savings on payroll – Using such a system helps eliminate the need to hire several attendants just to carry heavy items up and down the stairs all day long either to be stored or to be removed from storage. All that the maintenance personnel have to do is locate the item to be picked up from storage or stored in it any time of the day.

3. Safe and ease of use – Being absolutely safe, it can be used by anyone at home or office if he has the knowledge to do so. The SmartLift Controller automatically stops the system in case the weight is more than the maximum capacity or if the latter is not functioning properly due to any default. Moreover, ease of use allows the stored item to be retrieved or stored rapidly saving time and effort.

4. Authorized access only – In commercial properties, the stored items can be accessed only by authorized personnel with the help of a password ensuring that all the stored stuff is safe and delivered to the concerned personnel through a convenient access window.


This attic lift system comes power packed with different features. The Alladin life features are aimed to make you take care of all your storage needs in an easy way. Here is a look at a few of the features.

1. Having a weight capacity of 500 lbs, it allows you to store a good amount of items in one go even if they are quite heavy.

2. The standard lift has been designed in accordance to ceiling heights which are up to 10 feet. However you can get a customized one made for your home or office by placing a special order for the same.

3. After installation is complete, the entire system is not visible from the floor.

4. In order to ensure clients that the complete system provides years of easy and problem-free operation, the entire equipment is rigorously tested.

Easy installation and simple to operate

In order to get the installation done, you can hire a carpenter and electrician of your choice as they will work together to complete the job. Alternately, the company too can provide with an electrician and carpenter if you so desire.

After installation, you can be rest assured that the device will work trouble-free for years to come. The machine gets automatically lifted and lowered by the SmartLift Controller in it. This Controller can be programmed so that it automatically stops the lift at any height you wish to make it stop at.

Customized ceiling area for a better finish

In order to be sure that the attic lift is not visible from the floor, it is built in a way that it gets neatly tucked in the area above the ceiling when not in use. If you wish to give a neat appearance to the installation then it is advisable to complete it with non-furnished trim and plywood materials.

The Aladdin Light Lift Systems are just the motorized lifts that you need for maintaining high bays, storage space and chandeliers in a safe and easy manner, without any hassles or wasting too much time over it!


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