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For Sale: Attic Ladder Lift's Intellectual Property

The Attic Ladder Lift's intellectual property is for sale as stated above. Speaking with like minded companies in the attic ladder industry is our prime focus. Selling our intellectual property to an existing ladder company or lift company would be ideal in that the Attic Ladder Lift would be a strong asset to any repertoire of ladders a business might have. 

Again, nothing in the world has been created just like the Attic Ladder Lift. If a company did take this to production, costs to manufacture and costs to consumers would be considerably lower compared our competition. Affordability is key.

Feel free to contact us via our contact form for further information on the sale of the Attic Ladder Lift's intellectual property.

Potential Licensing Agreement(s)

We are also interested in a secondary plan of licensing our product out to potential companies. Branding your name on our mechanism would be a must if coupled with other ladder products. Looking into commercial or residential use would yield profit in millions of brick and mortar businesses and millions more in the residential consumer housing industry. 

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