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We at BB&G are a unique company which specializes in Design and Implementation of new devices. We have learned that many people spend numerous hours inventing, trademarking and patenting devices which generally go no further, because they have no knowledge of implementation of their product or device.

The inception of the Attic Ladder Lift began in 2014 with our co-founder/engineer Rick Globensky. The detail and structure of the sled was to fulfill a safety factor in transporting goods to and from any attic via an attic ladder. Rick knew the potential injuries and outcomes of taking luggage or Christmas decorations out of the attic.

How could this dangerous task be simpler and more safe?

Rick solved this problem straight away. After Rick had shown the drawings for this great device, it was easily conceptualized with co-founders Lawrence Brandow and Matthew Brandow.

Right away the thoughts of getting the Christmas bins from the attic and down the attic ladder brought visions in the minds of Lawrence and Matthew of danger and near misses. Over the years, there was always close calls when lifting and lowering the massive boxes from the attic. Actually, too many close calls of slipping off the ladder from carrying boxes under one arm or doing the "old one hand on the box, while sliding it down the rungs." It is very hard to follow the “3 Point Rule” that is recommended by the American Ladder Institute, when going up and down a ladder. Actually they recommend not having anything at all in your hands when going up and down any ladder.

One example of disaster happened in 2013, we were sliding the storage bin down the rungs of the attic ladder when I lost my footing on the ladder and a box of my wife’s ceramic Christmas Manger Setting came crashing down unto the garage floor. Needless to say and one can use their imagination what followed! Just think if someone would of been under the 40 pounds storage bin when I lost my footing.

So when Rick Globensky approached us with his conceptual drawing of the Attic Ladder Lift Lawrence and Matthew had flash backs of the near missing of transporting storage bins up and down an attic ladder and securing them in the attic. With that being said, we were all in on the design and implementation of what is now called the Attic Ladder Lift.

Furthering the Attic Ladder Lift's technology and making it as safe as possible has taken about two years. Making it hands free when lifting and lowering and making sure it is safely secured up in the attic when unloading had to be a must. The preferred way would be using two people one in the attic and the other at the foot of ladder when transporting up the down the ladder. Preventing falling objects after lifting is key when handling the Attic Ladder Lift by yourself. Yes, the product can be used with one person.

Let this be known, our “cost of goods” are the lowest compared with other attic transport devices.

This was all achieved and we are now making our product known to the public and for companies to have an opportunity to purchase our Intellectual Property/Patent or lastly a Licensing Agreement.

Rick Globensky Chief Engineer

Rick Globensky


My whole life has been an adventure, if you could imagine a wheel turning and always in prefectural motion and moving down the road. Yes, that is the story of my life! I enlisted in the United States Navy and completed my hitch as a Navy Corpsman. After the Navy I furthered my education at the University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota. During that time I meet the person of my dreams Janet and would you believe we have been married for 50 years. Also Janet was my business partner for 28 years.Since I am a person who thinks “outside of the box” my interest in life were primarily devoted to inventing medical devices. I have participated in procuring numerous patents as co-inventor/inventor in product design and turn key manufacturing and implementation. Being a charter boards member of Minnesota Medical Alley and other organizations helped me keep abreast of what was happening in the medical field. I started my own company Electronic Prescription Medicine, Inc in the state of Minnesota.My focus was design and implementation of products/automation for 25 startup companies. Presently retired, but continue to spin the wheel with a few projects on the table. My hobbies are fishing and hunting in the great state of 10,000 lakes. I have always used the phrase in my working like“minimum input for maximum output”.

Pat Brandow CEO Attic Ladder Lift

Lawrence "Pat" Brandow"  

Co-Inventor and CEO

The road in my life has been a combination of smooth, bumpy and the proverbial pothole. With that being said, my journey started by joining the United States Navy in 1966 and retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 1986. My specialty was in the field Meteorology and Oceanography. My previous training after retirement brought me to NOAA—National Weather Service in Seattle, WA where I completed 23 years. After my two careers it was time to retire and nest in the high desert with my beautiful wife Lina of 38 years in southwestern Arizona. My hobbies are barbecuing on my ceramic grill/smoker and enjoying life with our two children and grand kids. People often ask me “what university did you graduate from” and my response is,from the “U of L”. (University of Life—Life experiences) My famous saying when engaging people I ask them “what is common sense” and my response is “common sense is very uncommon”.

Matthew Brandow Attic Ladder Lift Director of Marketing

Matthew Brandow

Media Director/SEO Specialist

My journey in marketing and sales started in high school when I was managing the school store way back when. Taking that basis of marketing and managing into my career today has been an important one. My passion for marketing, business, and especially online marketing has taken my career to a whole new level. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking local businesses on the first page of Google has been a true passion of mine. I do this, day in and day out and it doesn't feel like work to me. Continuing this passion with the Attic Ladder Lift is very exciting to me. Launching this product on the first page of Google is the goal. Other hobbies that I am very interested in is drifting. Following Formula Drift and all the drivers is pretty exciting and also building race motors back in the day was a huge hobby of mine.

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