Introducing the Revolutionary Attic Ladder Lift*TM

The Attic Ladder Lift is a new revolutionary product to aid you in transporting storage boxes or anything for that matter, safely and properly into your attic without the pain, hassle, and struggle of your current conventional attic loading techniques. Along with the simple setup and operation, the Attic Ladder Lift is a fraction of the cost of other attic lift mechanisms.

Why the Attic Ladder Lift?

Why the Attic Ladder Lift? We show you the reasons why we are the safest and most reliable attic lift in the industry. No hassle, just results time and time again. Read More...

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Attic Ladder Lift is looking for your company to either buy our patent or license our technology under your brand. See why our attic lift technology is one-of-a-kind and apart from our competitors. Read More...

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Learn about Attic Ladder Lift and who we are, our mission statement, and our dedication to our patented technology. See how our storage lift is the best in the business. Read More...

​The Revolutionary Attic Ladder Lift System

​The Attic Ladder Lift was built to protect you from harms way.

  • Have you ever tried lifting a 50 pound box up into your attic?
  • Or even a 25 pound box one handed and pushing it up your attic ladder by yourself?
  • How many times have you almost lost your balance or even worse, have fallen off the attic ladder and injured yourself? 
upright pedestal attic ladder lift with bin on top
bin on attic ladder lift down ladder

Ladder users often fall from ladders when descending. Ascending up any ladder is pretty safe, but lugging a heavy box in one hand and trying to climb up the ladder with other is a accident waiting to happen. Thus, more injuries occur on a attic ladder going up and climbing down. Double the risk is not worth a life long injury.

Some people think, "oh it's just a short distant from the floor to my attic." Sure, if you weren't carrying any up or down the steep 55 plus degree incline. Any slip or unbalance of weight will surely put you in serious harms way.

This is why we have designed and patented a fully functional, very affordable lift system for any type of make and model of attic ladder. Whether you have a small or big opening to your attic, the Attic Ladder Lift can be mounted for full functionality capabilities to tackle the most awkward possessions to store or take down from your attic.

The Attic Ladder Lift is a all-in-one lift system designed to haul up to 150 pounds up and down your attic ladder with complete ease. The only way to accomplish this is to take the human out of the equation. Sit back and relax and let the Attic Ladder Lift do the heavy lifting for you!

werner ladders
louisville attic ladder lift

We do this by our simple but technological advanced lift that pulls and lowers any type of load up and down your attic ladder. The Attic Ladder Lift uses a powerful durable motor with an integrated gear braking system for extra safety. Never have to lug anything heavy or awkward under one arm up or down your attic ladder again.

Another first in the attic ladder lift industry is the affordability of the Attic Ladder Lift. Other attic ladder lift systems are priced out of this atmosphere to accomplish such a simple task of storing things in your attic. Some are just not practical to install, hacking of your existing attic opening from a former attic ladder installation, some just don't utilize the potential of your attic space. Efficiently storing things in your attic in a space saving manor is of most importance. The Attic Ladder Lift does all of this listed above and has an affordable price tag on top of that. What more could you ask for! 

The Best Attic Ladder Lift

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